Reddy Ices takes on the Electric Daisy Carnival

29 May 2018 | Inside Reddy Ice

The heat of summer is kicking in and in order to survive these hot days, ice is needed at many major events. It’s a good thing that Reddy Ice is up for the challenge!



One of Reddy Ice’s biggest events is the Electric Daisy Carnival at the beginning of every summer in the great state of Nevada. EDC is a massive party put up in an empty dirt lot that surrounds the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. More the 400,000 festival goers come out from 7pm- 7am to dance the night away under neon lights and a beautiful moonlit sky.


Reddy Ice takes on the task each year of providing ice for the entire city through the festival. For 5 years now, Reddy Ice has safely served more than 1.1 million pounds of ice for these quick and hot 72 hours. Our team takes the time to set up trailers, pallets, and merchandise boxes each day, spread out over a 2.5-mile ground, for an unforgettable weekend at Electric Daisy Carnival.


With the 100-degree heat, sleepless nights, tons of ice, and a hard-working Reddy Ice crew, the event has become successful. Check out some cool pictures for this year’s

Carnival! Can’t wait for next year’s EDC!