How Ice Changes the Way we Clean the World

How Ice Changes the Way we Clean the World


While I’m sure that we all agree that there is nothing more refreshing and satisfying than an ice-cold drink after a long day, ice has so much more to offer than just keeping your drink cold. In fact, the very same ice you use to keep your drink cold can change the way we clean the world with its stunning cleaning powers.

Coulson Ice Blast, under the innovative leadership of its Founder and President, Foster Coulson, is using the power of ice and revolutionized the cleaning industry as the only manufacturer in the world to offer industrial cleaning machines that blast and clean with real ice cubes. This award-winning wet ice cleaning technology, which was one of the most technologically significant innovations in 2017, utilizes 95% less water than traditional pressure washers without the need for environmentally harmful or expensive media such as sand, which makes the IceStorm systems the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution on the market.

Coulson Ice Blast

Coulson Ice Blast is a subsidiary of the Coulson Group, a family owned and operated group of companies with roots in the forestry industry dating back to 1960. Passionate about the environment, the Coulson family has continuously pursued innovations to make their operations more environmentally sustainable and improve the world around them. The Coulson Group now includes Coulson Aviation, a division that has the largest aerial firefighting fleet in the world, and Coulson Ice Blast, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of industrial cleaning through wet ice technology.


Why ice works so much better than any other media you wonder?

  • Ice has a superior cleaning power to any other media and is the only medium to use all three states of matter during blasting; solid state to hit with maximum impact, liquid state to trap and contain airborne contaminants, and gaseous state to minimize waste streams.
  • -	Ice has a superior cleaning power to any other media
  • Ice is a low-cost media that lasts forever if stored correctly.
  • Ice is environmentally friendly with minimal levels of airborne contaminants, less water requirement, and minimal residual water waste.
  • No chemicals are required, which eliminates worker health risks.


With a proud partnership with the leading ice supplier in North America, a worldwide distribution network, and a unique technology, Coulson Ice Blast is quickly becoming a global leader in industrial equipment manufacturing. The IceStorm product line has proven successful in countless applications (oil & grease removal, graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, historical restorations, hydraulic part cleaning, turbine cleaning, water damage, tar & asphalt cleaning, general equipment cleaning, mold removal, among others.) throughout various industries (automotive, foundry, cleaning contractors, general maintenance, petrochemical, power generation, food processing, pulp & paper, marine).

Speaking of marine, the Coulson Ice Blasting system IceStorm90 is one of the only systems in the world that can actually clean off barnacles and other heavy bio fouling build up underwater.

Coulson Ice Blasting system IceStorm90

If you want to check out this cool technology and request your free demo to learn more, visit Coulson Ice Blast.


Guest blog by Vanessa Lachenmaier, who is the Marketing Manager at Coulson Group.  Originally from Germany, she moved to Canada to start a career in marketing with a digital marketing focus. Her goal has been to find meaning in her work and to change people’s lives for the better. Being part of the Coulson Group, with its world-changing innovations and the passion to make the world a better place, provided that opportunity. She is proud to foster partnerships, such as the one with Reddy Ice, to change the way we clean the world together.