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There’s more than frozen water behind this ice.

We are Reddy Ice

Behind every premium cube of Reddy Ice is a company that values consistency, quality, and service above all else. Our nationwide customer base has come to expect the highest standards in product quality, delivery and flexible service options. This commitment to exceptional service is why we are one of America’s leading brands in ice production and manufacturing.

Reddy Ice Team



Southland Ice is Formed

Reddy Ice shares its roots with the 7-Eleven convenience store chain, a business that grew out of the Southland Ice Company. Southland Ice was founded in 1927 and originally included just eight ice plants and 21 retail docks, also currently known as convenience stores.

Southland Ice Company Formed in 1927
Two girls loading ice in 1941


Ice Demands Surge

Demand for ice and other chilled products surged after America’s entry into World War II in late 1941, and Southland Ice expanded its operations by acquiring Oak Farms Dairies and City Ice Delivery Ltd, allowing them to expand their business in ice manufacturing and retail stores


Reddy Ice is Formed

Southland Ice goes public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1972. As they continued to acquire various convenience companies and establish 7-Eleven stores nationwide, their packaged ice business was rebranded as Reddy Ice Division, the largest ice operation in the world at that time.

Southland Ice goes public and rebranded as Reddy Ice in 1972


Reddy Ice still stands on our original foundations that made us the company we are today. Since the early 1900’s we have made innovation, exceptional products and outstanding customer service our top priorities. From an industry that was once based on animal power and harvesting ice from nature, to one based on innovative, food grade quality manufacturing methods and distribution logistics, we have always gone above and beyond to ensure we provide the best service and products to our customers.

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