Packaged Block Ice from Reddy Ice

Premium Packaged Block Ice

Utilize premium block ice to fill your cooler for the next family picnic, beach adventure, camping trip, sporting event, or party. Our food grade, premium, long-lasting blocks are perfect for keeping things cool for a long period of time.

Premium Packaged Block Ice FAQ

What are the dimensions of the 10 lb. premium block ice?

Our premium block ice are great for larger coolers. The block ice measures ~13.25”x5.5”x18”.

Where can I find 10 lb. block ice?

To pick up your 10 lb. block ice from a Reddy Ice location, visit our location finder, enter your zip code and choose “Block Ice” from the Product Type dropdown menu.

In addition, 10 lb. premium block ice is available at select retailers in these locations:

Denver, CO

  • Safeway and Circle K
Colorado Springs, CO

  • Safeway and Circle K
Page, AZ

  • Safeway and Speedway
Phoenix, AZ

  • Albertsons and Safeway
  • Circle K, QuikTrip, Speedway
Tucson, AZ

  • Circle K, 7-Eleven, QuikTrip, Speedway
Brawley, CA

  • 7-Eleven and Circle K
Mukilteo, WA

  • Safeway