Ice Calculator

When planning an event, the last thing you want is to run out of ice… So, how do you decide how many bags of ice to get?

  • Consider your guest count. We recommend planning between 1 and 2 pounds of ice per person, based on the type of event and your need for the ice, serving vs cooling.
  • The type of event you’re hosting or attending matters. Outdoor or events where you’re planning to use the ice to chill the food and drinks, and serve in drinks will require more Reddy Ice than an event where ice is needed in drinks.
  • Are you serving & chilling with the ice, OR just Chilling or Serving Only?
  • Pro tip: Before opening the bags, break up the ice to get the best pour. You can either break the ice up by throwing the unopened bag on the ground, or use an ice mallet.

Next time you’re planning a party or special event we’ve got just the tool you need to make sure you can keep it cool! Leave the calculations to the ice experts.

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How much ice is needed for a wedding?

Use the guide above to consider a couple factors that weigh in to this answer. Use our Ice Calculator to determine how much ice you need for your special event.

How much ice do I need for a party?

The guide above outlines some factors that play in to how much ice you need for your party. Use our Ice Calculator to determine how much ice you need for the type of party you’re having.

How many bags of ice for a cooler?

The size of your cooler plays a part into this question. While we recommend a 2:1 ice to contents ratio, it will vary on how much your cooler holds and how you’re using your cooler. To be safe, we recommend purchasing at least two 7 lb. bags.