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Reddy Ice: America’s Leading Ice Supplier.

Here at Reddy Ice we know you need more than just ice, which is why we aim to be more than just an ice company. We know our customers want the best in ice products, as well as in customer service, distribution, logistics and equipment. That’s why we offer a range of different services to meet all your needs.

Reddy Ice Delivery Truck

Exceptional product is only good if we can get it to you! Reddy Ice works with cutting edge logistics technology to ensure our distribution capability is always at its best. Our nationwide network of 46 manufacturing facilities and 64 distribution centers work tirelessly to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. We distribute multiple products year around to retailers across the U.S., making sure no matter where you are, we’ve got your bag.

We know that when you’re a retailer the product you sell is important to you. That’s why from the moment our ice is produced to the second it hits your store front, we have your success in mind. Reddy Ice is committed to providing the ice merchandising units and marketing materials you need to make our product a success for you. Our recognizable branding and reliable merchandisers ensure customers will pick you first for their ice needs.

The Ice Factory™

Do you have a need for ice that surpasses classic direct store delivery services? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know retail needs can fluctuate and that’s why we offer The Ice Factory™. If your business has a high demand for ice, we’re happy to support your retail needs with this propriety in-store ice manufacturing system.

The Ice Factory™ houses a continuous ice making and bagging process from start to finish, right inside your store. The system conveniently produces, packages and merchandises ice on site with the same Reddy Ice standards and quality you and your customer rely on. This proprietary, self-contained, automated system, when combined with traditional delivery methods, provides you with the flexibility and cost-efficiency you need to meet high-volume demand.

At times ice is more than a convenience, it’s a survival tool. We realize that ice is a critical part of recovery efforts in times of disaster, and we’re always ready to support that need. Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or flood, or an emergency situation including large scale accidents and power outages, our disaster response team is prepared to handle ice needs in any situation. Our national network of production and distribution facilities, combined with an exceptional customer care team and top tier logistics makes us uniquely capable to respond quickly to emergency situations. When the unexpected strikes, Reddy Ice is there to help.

Reddy Ice Emergency Management
Las Vegas Cold Storage Facility

Providing storage services to customers both large and small, our 2.5 Million cubic ft. warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers cross-docking services and the option to hold space on a short-term basis.