Slow Melting Ice Cubes

Premium Craft Ice

Enjoy IceBlox premium craft ice by Reddy Ice to enhance your favorite cocktail. Our slow freeze production process creates crystal clarity in our hand crafted cubes. These slow melting 2-inch cubes ensure that your beverage stays cold longer, while bringing out the natural flavor profile of any cocktail. Elevate your cocktail experience at home with IceBlox, the start of every great drink.

Premium Craft Ice FAQ

What is the size of each craft ice cube?

2 x 2 inches.

How should the ice be handled once its taken out of the box?

For best results, allow IceBlox to sit at room temperature for 2-5 minutes before usage, to prevent cracking.

How many cubes come in a package and what are the dimensions?

Each package contains a sectioned tray with 8 individual cubes. The package is 12″ long x 6 3/8″ wide x 3″ high. 

How many units are in a master case and what are the dimensions?

Each master case containers 12 units. The dimensions are 21 9/16″ long x 14 1/2″ wide x 13 5/16″ high.

What freezer / merchandiser support do you offer retailers?

We have several options available to retailers. Contact [email protected] to discuss the best solution for your location.

What is the retailer's MOQ?

4 master cases.

Where is IceBlox currently available?

IceBlox is currently available in select retail locations. Visit to join our mailing list and receive future product updates.