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What makes Reddy Ice better than my ice at home?

Reddy Ice products are filtered and produced by the most stringent standards and sanitary conditions. Our ice is IPIA accredited and is always made from filtered water and produced in a food grade environment (untouched by human hands) creating a safe and sanitary food product for our consumers. Check out our blog Home Made vs. Packaged Ice: which one is better? to learn more!

Is ice really food?

Just like any other manufactured product you feed your family, ice is food. Reddy Ice is produced according to the highest industry standards, following International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) guidelines and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for all production and distribution standards, from the water in the factory to the ice in your glass at home.

Are there any preservatives in your ice?

Reddy Ice utilizes only approved water supply systems that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations and with the U.S. EPA Drinking Water Standards. Reddy Ice does not add any additional ingredients, including preservatives, to its packaged products.

Is Reddy Ice safe to eat?

Reddy Ice sets forth for all our manufacturing plants a program of Sanitary Standards and Operational Procedures to follow in the production of our packaged ice products. In addition, all our ice manufacturing facilities are third-party inspected and accredited by the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA). All Reddy Ice products are fit for human consumption and our processes follow all established standards set forward by the FDA for food products.

Does ice expire?

 While ice does not expire, over time, you may notice visual or aromatic changes that can be unappealing. For instance, the ice may crystallize or turn white and/or it might also absorb the aromas of food or other items in your freezer.

Reddy Ice prints the date of production on each bag we fill and you can always expect the highest quality ice when you initially purchase our product.

What manufacturing standards do you follow?

To ensure that our water source meets our quality standards, the water used in our ice making process is often filtered using low micron filtration, carbon filtration, water softeners, ozone generators and reverse osmosis as needed to achieve the proper water quality required to produce a clear product. All of our ice-manufacturing facilities are third-party inspected and accredited by the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA). This accreditation requires inspection of more than 50 areas of operations. Rigid adherence to these standards results in a safe, clear, pure tasting product.

What should I look for when buying packaged ice?

Ice should be clear in color as well as odorless and tasteless. When purchasing ice, look for bags that are properly closed and secure (no drawstring ties). The bag should carry the manufacturer’s name and address. Also, look for the IPIA symbol. Whenever possible, make sure to choose Reddy Ice to ensure the best quality.

Where do I buy Reddy Ice?

Bags of ice produced by Reddy Ice can be found at your local grocery stores and supermarkets, convenience stores, drug and pharmacy stores, discount stores, as well as club stores across the United States. Learn more here.

What products does Reddy Ice offer?

Reddy Ice produces Premium Packaged, Premium Packaged Block Ice and Craft Ice. We also offer Dry Ice in select locations. Premium Packaged Ice is sold in 3 bag sizes, 5 lbs., 7 lbs., and 16 lbs. and a 10 lb. block. Blocks are also available in a large 300 lb. block, typically used for sculpting. IceBlox Premium Craft Ice are slow melting large cubes that ensure your beverage stays cold longer, while bringing out the natural flavor profile of any cocktail. All our products and packages are based on the needs and demands of the marketplace and can vary by market. Contact us for more information on the products available near you.

How much ice do I need for a party?

The amount of ice depends on the type of event you are hosting as well as your guest count. If you would like to solely cool the drinks, we recommend accounting for 1 lb. of ice per guest to keep their drinks cold for 6-8 hours. If you’re planning to chill and serve drinks with ice as well, keep aside approximately 2 lbs. of ice per guest for a duration of 6-8 hours. Outside events often require more depending on the temperature. Check out our Ice Calculator to help you decide the number of bags of Reddy Ice needed for your special occasion!

How do I sell Reddy Ice?

Reddy Ice is always looking for new retailers to supply our products to satisfied customers. If you are “Reddy” to join the Reddy Ice family, Contact Us!

Does Reddy Ice provide ice machines?

Reddy Ice will supply and maintain an Ice Merchandiser at your location, provided that only Reddy Ice Packaged Ice will be stored and maintained in all Ice Merchandisers. We also have a minimum purchase requirement to warrant the placement of an Ice Merchandiser to avoid assessment of a rental fee.

What does my location need to set up a Reddy Ice merchandiser?

Merchandisers require an amperage 20 AMP breaker and a neutral wire.

How do I contact Reddy Ice if I need a delivery or my ice merchandiser needs service?

Reddy Ice provides three convenient self-service methods via our app, customer portal, and rapid order phone system.

Reddy Ice App: Place your ice orders or request repair service anytime and anywhere using the Reddy Ice App. Search for the Reddy Ice App on the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Download and register using your 8 or 9 digit customer number, found on your invoice or statement.

Reddy Ice Customer Portal: Provides all of the functionality of the app, in a convenient web format. Register using your 8 or 9 digit customer number, found on your invoice or statement.

Reddy Ice Rapid Order System: Provides the freedom to place orders, submit maintenance requests, or check order status by phone, 24/7, by dialing 866-821-2548, Option 1

Does Reddy Ice provide disaster assistance?

Yes. Reddy Ice realizes how important packaged ice can be when disaster strikes. We are proud to offer support during times of need. For more information, please visit our Emergency Management page.