7 lbs Bags of Ice from Reddy Ice

Premium Packaged Ice

Enjoy Reddy Ice in your favorite cocktail, beverage or to fill your cooler for the next family picnic, beach adventure, sporting event or party. Reddy Ice is an everyday household necessity with a variety of uses. Premium Packaged Ice comes in 5, 7, and 16 lb bags.

Premium Packaged Ice FAQ

What weight are the bags of ice?

Reddy Ice sells bags of ice in three sizes – 5 lb., 7 lb., and 16 lb. Our top selling product is the 7 lb. bag of premium packaged ice.

What sizes do your bags come in?
Premium Packaged Ice – 5 lbs. ~10.5” x 4” x 19”
Premium Packaged Ice – 7 lbs. ~11” x 4” x 21”
Premium Packaged Ice – 16 lbs. ~14” x 5” x 28”

Please note that product offerings vary by location

How long does a bag of ice last?

While stored in a cooler, approximately 6-8 hours.

How much water is in a bag of ice?

A cup of water (8 oz. of liquid) weighs half a pound when its frozen into ice. So, a 7 lb. bag of ice will yield 14 cups of water.

Where do I buy Reddy Ice?

Bags of ice produced by Reddy Ice can be found at your local grocery stores and supermarkets, convenience stores, drug and pharmacy stores, discount stores, as well as club stores across the United States. Learn more here.