Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Dry Ice is carbon dioxide that has been liquefied and then frozen to a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit. It is Dry Ice’s incredibly low temperature and sublimation that makes it unique and useful whether it’s for transporting items that need to stay cool, blasting, making creative cocktails, or special events.

Dry Ice FAQ

Can I buy dry ice directly from Reddy Ice?

Dry Ice is available for pick up at the Reddy Ice locations listed below.

Savannah, Georgia
Shreveport, Louisiana
El Paso, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

A few other Reddy Ice locations, noted below, offer the product, but require an account to be set up in order to receive on-going deliveries for large quantities of dry ice. To set-up an account please use the new customer inquiry form on our Contact page.

Northport, Alabama
Kennewick, Washington
Moses Lake, Washington
What if Reddy Ice does not offer dry ice in my area?

If we do not offer dry ice near you, please visit www.dryiceideas.com to find an alternative dry ice retailer*.

*Please note: This company is not affiliated with Reddy Ice.

What is Dry Ice used for?

To learn more about dry ice and how to handle, check out our blog.