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Phoenix, AZ
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To ensure that our customer’s bagged ice needs are met as well as maximizing the productivity of our equipment at each location assigned.


1. Establish an on-going relationship with store management by completing scheduled route.

2. Communicate with store or location management at each assigned stop to ensure complete satisfaction with the Packaged Ice Program.

3. Invoice and/or credit bags when selling new boxes of bags, or per retailer policy; submit a sale/credit report to supervisor at least monthly.

4. Maintain in-store bag inventory levels as designated by management.

5. Conform to each store location’s policies regarding vendor delivery and back door receiving times.

6. Maximize the production of bagged ice at each location by back stocking ice to the freezer vaults or backroom freezer. Move ice to satellite locations as necessary.

7. Maintain a stacked, well-merchandised display case. Rotate the ice during every visit.

8. Fully and accurately complete the log located in each machine during every visit. Submit the log to management at the end of each month, along with the last bi-weekly checklist.

9. Service Ice Factory machines according to designated Ice Factory Playbook schedule, to include clearing codes, fixing bag jams, replacing grippers, sealing tape, and testing the water quality.

10. Clean the exterior of the Ice Factory machine and kick plate, and verify door seals are tight against the box and that the box is clean of water during every visit.

11. Clean and sanitize the Ice Factory drain pans, hopper nozzle, distribution chute, ice maker air filters, box condenser, the inside of the bagger and the box at least every two weeks or per Ice Factory Playbook schedule. Fill out the bi-weekly checklist and leave it in the Log Book. Have a member of the store management team verify and sign off on the checklist.

12. Immediately report any major machine issues to management.

13. Regularly attends company sponsored RM training as required. Contributes to discussions regarding equipment maintenance/productivity and best practices via Skype, conference calls, and through other technology.

14. Perform other duties and responsibilities required or assigned by management.

15. Adhering to the Code of Business Ethics is essential. We value honesty and integrity above all else and we expect our employees to be committed to the highest ethical standards.


  • Ability to read and interpret documents in English, such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
  • Ability to work in a constant state of alertness and safe manner
  • Ability to work in an unfatigued state
  • Ability to accurately gauge lengths of time and distance
  • Ability to quickly store and recall instructions in one’s short term memory
  • Ability to concentrate and perform tasks involving high levels of cognitive function and judgment
  • Ability to cope with sudden changes in surrounding and/or emergency situations and/or alarms
  • Demonstrate a caring, committed and concerned attitude about safety
  • Possess fast reflexes and unimpaired coordination and ability to rapidly respond to stimuli
  • Not mentally or physically impaired from any cause that can adversely affect ability to safely and competently perform required functions
  • Ability to take prompt and appropriate response to operating conditions CONTACTS: Internal: FEST, FESM, Plant Managers, VP On-Site Solutions External: Retail Store Management

OPERATING RESPONSIBILITIES: Delivery of Ice Factory bags and credit to retail customer



  • High school diploma or GED preferred but not required.
  • 1-2 years of customer service experience preferred but not required.
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license (Class C) and have an acceptable MVR. Retail Merchandisers use their own vehicles and are reimbursed with a fixed monthly fee for depreciation and auto insurance, and a per-mile variable fee for fuel and maintenance.

WORKING CONDITIONS/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Retail stores, driving between retail stores and plant location. Ability to climb ladders and work with light duty tools. Must be able to lift 40 lbs. Work is conducted in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. The ability to manage stress, build professional and collaborative relationships, and reason through complex business situations is essential. This position requires occasional overtime and may also require night/weekend work.

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