How Much Ice You Need for a Party

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You’ve booked the DJ, rented the tables, and ordered the beverages. But you still have to determine how much ice you need for your party and you aren’t sure how to do the math.

Don’t worry, Reddy Ice is here to help. Leave it to the ice experts to ensure that you don’t run out of ice during any celebration. Our handy Ice Calculator does the math for you.

How Much Ice You Need for a Party

The first step is to consider your guest count. Reddy Ice recommends one to two pounds of ice per person attending. Take into account what type of event you’re having, where it will be held, and whether you are serving or chilling the beverages. A pool party will likely need more ice as it will be outside in warmer temperatures, while an indoor wedding in the winter may require less. Will you need ice to keep food cool? Are you planning to make smoothies at the pool party? Take all your ice uses into consideration when determining how much Reddy Ice to purchase.

Perhaps you’re planning a BBQ for 50 coworkers. Beer, soda, and water are on the menu, but you only need to chill the drinks as guests will be drinking straight from the containers. Using the Ice Calculator, insert 50 into the “Expected Number of Guests” section, select “Outdoor Party/BBQ/Tailgate,” and then click on “Calculate.” According to the Ice Calculator, you should purchase 15 seven pound bags of ice for your outdoor gathering.

Let’s assume that your ice supply is dwindling at your grandmother’s birthday party. Your cousin texts to ask if they should bring something and you quickly respond with Reddy Ice. But how much? You need the party ice for both chilling and serving drinks. If you have 75 family members attending the indoor birthday party, then the Ice Calculator suggests 22 seven pound bags of ice. After all, your grandmother requires ice cubes in her birthday cocktail.

Now that you have your ice supply ready for the party, follow our pro tip: break up the ice to get the best pour. We suggest using an ice mallet or throwing the unopened bag on the ground to separate your ice easily.

Next time you’re asking “how much ice do I need for a party?” turn to Reddy Ice to avoid feeling overwhelmed. We’re the experts in ice with our premium packaged products and we’re here to help with your entertaining needs.