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Dry Ice

Do your cooling needs surpass those of both cubed ice and block ice? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered! When you require a cooling medium that can go the distance, Reddy Ice dry ice is perfect for the task. Dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide at a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it the power to keep material colder and longer than block ice or cubes, with twice the cooling capacity per pound and three times the cooling capacity per volume. Melted dry ice transforms into a gas, which makes for no mess and no clean up. This distinctive melting process also produces a unique fog, which has long made dry ice a favorite for producing special effects for movies, the stage, and all manner of theatrical and special productions. Great for shipping, cooling, fun activities and more, when you have special cooling needs Reddy Ice dry ice has the answer. Get more information on where you can buy dry ice by contacting our Customer Care team at 866-824-2548!