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Traditional Cubed Ice

Enjoy Reddy Ice in your favorite cocktail, beverage or to fill your cooler for the next family picnic, beach adventure, sporting event or party. Reddy Ice is an everyday household necessity with a variety of uses. Our food grade, premium, long-lasting and odorless ice cubes are made with water that undergoes similar processes as bottled water. We adhere to the strict quality guidelines of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) and our ice is never touched by human hands during manufacturing.

Not sure how much you need? No worries! Check out our Ice Calculator to help you find out exactly how many bags you need. Just looking to pick a few bags up for around the house? We’ve got you covered. To find out where to buy bagged ice, contact our Customer Care team.



Traditional Cubed Ice FAQ

Reddy Ice sells bags of ice cubes in 5 sizes – 5 lb., 7 lb., 10 lb., 20 lb. and 40 lb. Our top selling product is the 10 lb. bag of cubed ice.

Bags of Reddy Ice traditional cubed ice come in 5 sizes –

5 lb. bag of cubed ice 19” x 10.5”
7 lb. bag of cubed ice 22” x 11”
10 lb. bag of cubed ice 23” x 12.25”
20 lb. bag of cubed ice 29” x 14.625”
40 lb. bag of cubed ice 34.5” x 19”
*note: some products may not be offered at every Reddy Ice location*

To cool drinks (cans or bottles), 10 lbs. of ice per case (for approximately 10 guests) will keep them cold for 6-8 hours. To chill and serve drinks, 20 lbs. of ice per case (for approximately 10 guests) will suffice for 6-8 hours.

You can also use our Ice Calculator tool to decide how many bags of ice are needed to chill as well as serve your guests.

A cup of water (8 oz of liquid) weighs half a pound when its frozen into ice. So, a 10 lb. bag of ice will yield 20 cups of water.