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Traditional Cubed Ice

No matter if you are cooling cocktails or preserving perishables, all you have to think is “Reddy Ice” for the right size bag of high quality ice to suit your specific needs. This crystal clear, super cold ice is perfect for any special occasion or activity. From ice for camping to ice for parties, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to ice down food and drinks or cool down cocktails and more, Reddy Ice’s pure, long lasting, tasteless, odorless cubes will take care of your every need!

Not sure how much you need? No worries! Check out our Ice Calculator to help you find out exactly how many bags you need to keep your event cool. Just looking to pick a few bags up for around the house? We’ve got you covered, to find out where to buy bagged ice, reach out to our Customer Care team at 866-821-2548!