14 Brilliant Life Hacks Using Ice Cubes

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When you think of your childhood, the first thing you think of is ice, in all its shapes and forms. Ice creams, popsicles, long, tall glasses of lemonade and iced tea, we could go on and on. It is hard to think of surviving the summer heat without wanting to dunk handfuls of ice cubes to cool down our drinks as well as our minds.

Did you know there are a myriad of other uses of ice besides chilling your drinks? You can make your life easier, following these brilliant hacks and innovative tricks.


  • Make your children swallow medicine, without a fuss:   Sounds unbelievable right? Anyone who’s a parent would have tons of stories to tell you about how impossible it is to get a spoonful of medicine down a child’s throat (especially around the dreaded flu season). But it is true, once you make your child suck on a Reddy Ice cube, the tongue becomes numb, making it easier on their palates, and your sanity.
Ice helps to swallow medicine
  • Help your pets stay hydrated: Adding a couple of Reddy Ice cubes every few hours to your furry friend’s water bowl would help them want to drink more, and keep them hydrated.  Imagine having to bear the season, wearing a coat of fur, and you’d be looking for some extra respite too.
Ice helps your pets to stay hydrated

Meet the cutest Reddy Ice fan – Oakley – The 6-Year-Old German Wire Hair Puppy

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  • Clean your garbage disposal: Cleaning the garbage disposal is a task most of us would want to avoid as much as possible. If your garbage disposal seems to be getting stuck because of the buildup of grease, Reddy Ice cubes are your answer. Just throw a couple down the garbage disposal shoot and watch the magic as the grease clings to the ice and disappearing.
Clean with ice cubes
  • Clear the fat from your soups and stews: If there is one thing that takes a lifetime to do, it’s clearing the fat off from a nicely made stew with a spoon. Next time, try filling a ladle with some ice and skimming the pot, gently. The ice will help collect all the fat at once in the ladle, and voila!
Clean the fat using ice
  • Pick out splinters, without too much pain: The next thing that comes close to parental nightmares apart from medicines is plucking out a splinter from a toddler or a child unwilling to stay still, or quiet. Placing a Reddy Ice cube for some time before you try plucking the splinter out will numb the area, making it easier for you and your child.
Splinter removal with ice
  • Even out dents from carpets: We’ve all seen it happen when we move furniture around, a small dent in the carpeting. Although it might be miniscule and hardly seen, there’s still a niggling question in our minds whether it is noticeable. Save yourself from that anxiety by rubbing an Reddy Ice cube in the place that is dented, let it melt, and brush the rug after. Dent, gone!
Fix a Carpet Dent with Ice
  • Water Hanging plants and Christmas trees: Are you toiling to hydrate your hard to reach hanging potted plants? Do you constantly struggle to use a step-ladder and/or a long-neck watering can? Here’s a simple resolution: simply toss in a couple of Reddy Ice cubes into the pot. The ice will melt slowly and water the plant without causing a sudden downpour from the drain hole. This solution is equally good for Christmas trees, whose base may be hard to reach with a watering can.
Watering the plant with Ice
  • Soothe newly-plucked eyebrows:   All women know the horror of stinging pain and skin inflammations after getting your eyebrows plucked. Your fabulous eyebrows don’t always have to come at a cost. Next time, try using some Reddy Ice cubes as soon as you get home, to ease the inflammation and the pain. Remember to slowly rub the ice-cubes, and not go overboard, to get the best results.
Pluck eyebrows without pain
  • Prevent stains from setting:   You or your child has spilt something on your favorite shirt, and you’re having an anxiety attack just thinking about how to get the stain out. Prevention is better than cure, any day. Rubbing a Reddy Ice cube over the stained area can help prevent food stains from setting into your clothes, try it out and tell us how it works!
Stain Removal with Ice
  • Iron out tough wrinkles from clothes:   You’re all set for that meeting, but your shirt has wrinkles and there is no time for washing it all over again. Not to worry, all you need to do is wrap a couple of Reddy Ice cubes in a soft cloth, and rub this over the wrinkles, before ironing out that part. Voila, you now have a freshly ironed wrinkle-free shirt in just minutes!
Remove Wrinkles from clothes with Ice
  • Cooling masks for your eyes:   Your eyes are super-tired after a hard day’s work, and your eyes feel puffy and irritated. No problem! Just wrap a couple of Reddy Ice cubes in an old cloth and place it on each of your eyes for a couple of minutes, and you’ll feel and sleep much better.
Cooling masks for eyes DIY
  • Prevent rice, pasta and noodles from drying up when reheating:   You’re reheating some rice or pasta for dinner, but you don’t like the top part drying out. All you have to do to prevent this is just put a cube of Reddy Ice on top of the rice or pasta before microwaving it! The ice cube will melt down and then steam your food while still retaining the moisture.
Prevent food from drying with ice
  • Remove chewing gum from clothes:   You’re just stepping out the door when you realize you or your child has a piece of stubborn chewing gum stuck to clothing. Instead of losing your temper, cool down. Just place an ice cube over the unruly gum, and rub for a few minutes until the gum hardens. Scrape off the hardened gum with a spoon or butter knife, and you’re all set to go!
Remove chewing gum from clothes using ice

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  • Clean the insides of long vases and water bottles:   Having difficulty cleaning a narrow-necked vase or some water bottles, and don’t have that long handled brush handy? Fear not, just put a couple of Reddy Ice cubes, a half teaspoon of regular salt and some lemon juice inside the vase or bottle, and shake vigorously. The insides will be as clean as a whistle in minutes!
Clean the insides of long vases and water bottles

Now that you know these brilliant hacks, you’re sure to want to load up on some ice. Visit our products page to learn more. Behind every frozen, delicious cube of Reddy Ice is a company that values consistency, quality, and service above all else. Our nationwide customer base has come to expect the highest standards in product quality, delivery and flexible service options. This commitment to exceptional service is why we are one of America’s leading brands in ice production and manufacturing.

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