Reddy for Las Vegas Ballpark

Reddy for Las Vegas Ballpark

Inside Reddy Ice

When the brand new Las Vegas Ballpark opened its doors for the first time last Tuesday (April 9), Reddy Ice was there, to be part of the winning Team.

Reddy Bag at Las Vegas Ballpark

“Good times were in the Bag” as we safely distributed almost 50,000 pounds of cold Reddy Ice to AAA Baseball’s Las Vegas Aviators and their fans at the beautiful new ballpark’s opening 6-game home stand.

Reddy Ice Employee at work

As with delays in any massive construction project, Reddy Ice got the exciting call from the Coach to start, literally the night before the first game.

Cart of Ice Cubes in Las Vegas

Quickly securing the Ice, Trucks, Boxes, Carts and most importantly the Experienced People needed to be Reddy!

We hit it out of the Park !!

Reddy Ice Employee at Las Vegas

While the Aviators keep their focus on the field, we keep our attention on providing superior, better, and safer ice.


Behind every frozen, delicious cube of Reddy Ice is a company that values consistency, quality, and service above all else. Our nationwide customer base has come to expect the highest standards in product quality, delivery and flexible service options. This commitment to exceptional service is why we are one of America’s leading brands in ice production and manufacturing.


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